Web is an online tool that allows searching in multiple search engines, simultaneously. By using this website you can easily perform searches in major search engines and also in some favorite websites like Youtube, Wikipedia or Facebook.

The searching process is very simple. Just fill in the words you want to search and select the checkboxes of the search engines that you want to get results from. When you press the search button a new window will open. For each checkbox that you select you'll get a new window (or tab - depending on your browser configurations). In case you need you can read the help section.

This website can be a really handy, powerful search tool. You only have to type the words once and you'll quickly have results from several search engines, at once. At anytime if you didn't find what you were searching for, you can always come back to this Power Search page, choose different search engines and easily get new results. Feel free to invite your friends from Facebook (and other social networks) to enjoy and empower their searches on Power Search!


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